Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dogs are people, too

I am a dog lover through and through. If you don't like dogs, there's a good chance I probably won't like you. I'm of course being hyperbolic here, but there's a teensy weensy bit of truth to that statement.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, the first sentence of this post is not news. I post pictures of my dogs what seems like every day. Since I have no human Frank and Guenterchildren (other than my students), my two pugs, Frank and Guenter, have become my babies.

But I've recently become very aware that my babies are no longer babies anymore. Their muzzles are graying and they move more slowly than they used to. But I think what has really heightened my awareness of their mortality is buying dog food. Now that they are over eight years old, they have moved into senior dog food, and for toy breeds, there is not a big bag of senior dog food available on the shelf. At first my husband was frustrated by this and wanted to see if there are bigger bags we can order. But it suddenly hit me: the bags are small because they're SENIOR dogs. If you buy a big 20 lb bag of food, you might not make it through the whole thing. So every time I buy dog food now, I find myself faced with their impending mortality.

Frank and Guenter
Both my dogs turn ten this year and while they are currently in fairly good health, I've come to realize I don't have many more years left with them. So I find myself kissing the tops of their heads a little more frequently, and snuggling with them a little more often. I look in their big, pleading eyes and decide to turn off the computer and take them for a walk more often than I used to -- short ones of course. They don't have the stamina for long ones anymore.

It is my firm belief that dogs just make life better. They remind me what loyalty and unconditional love really look like. When I'm having a bad day, they remind me that there's something worth smiling about. I recently read the cartoon collection Dogs are People, Too by Dave Coverly, and while a comical title, there's a wee bit a truth to that sentiment. To me a house is just not a home without a dog.

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to turn my computer off and take my boys for a walk.

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  1. Oh Beth, I am with you on this! This line couldn't be more true, "It is my firm belief that dogs just make life better." YES!!! Enjoy every moment. Your boys are adorable!!!

  2. I call mine the "furry faces", currently 1 dog and 3 cats. They all were rescued in one way or another. Of course, as you know, they add more than they take! Yours are adorable and may they eat many more bags of senior food.

  3. Right there with you! My lab mix is eight and going gray too. It makes me sad to think she won't be around forever. And now I have to go vacuum dog hair off the couch!

  4. Dogs DO make life better. My dog is 10, and I'm feeling all those wistful things, too. Sigh, and I'd never even thought about why those food bags were only small. Sigh again.

  5. Beautiful! I have two cats, but I feel about them the same way you do about your dogs. My baby is 15 and though he still zooms around the house when he wants, he is an old guy now. Enjoy your walks and snuggles!

  6. Your babies are precious! Those sweet faces are irresistible!