Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 Things I'm Celebrating Today

I'm currently writing this post in the car on my way to Traverse City. (Don't worry! I'm not driving!) I thought I'd stretch myself and try writing a blog post on my phone since I've never done that before.

Here are the things that make me happy on this fine Saturday in June:

1) It's summer vacation!

2) My husband and I celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. 12 years! 

3) Hatching plans with friends and colleagues to improve our practice, because even though we have summers off, we are always thinking about our students and classrooms. We don't turn that off in June, July, and August. 

4) Blue hair (See #1)

5) The ability and means to travel and see the world. In July we are going to Costa Rica for the first time and I am so excited! 

Celebrate This Week was established by Ruth Ayres


  1. Costa Rica?!?! That's awesome! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband and I LOVE your hair!!! I can't wait...2 more celebration posts) when I can celebrate summer vacation too. 7 more days with students, 9 more work days. Almost there! Enjoy your time!!!

  2. Much to celebrate. A trip, an anniversary and time together! Love the hair!

  3. Costa Rica is so beautiful. I haven't been, but my daughter went and I love her pictures. Blue hair! A former colleague always chose a different color to end each school year!

  4. Fun celebrations! Have a great anniversary celebration!

  5. Happy vacation! I love the blue hair and the freedom you are feeling. Enjoy Costa Rica!

  6. Hooray for blue hair in Costa Rica!!! Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!

  7. Happy anniversary and happy summer! Sounds like you have the perfect plans already made. Enjoy!

  8. So cool. We have many similar things to celebrate - summer vacation, anniversary (ours is 25 yrs), travel - going to Amsterdam & Germany, and wanting to improve my teaching. I don't have blue hair (yet), but do have an appointment next week to do something fun to my hair for our trip. Life is pretty grand sometimes.