Thursday, March 5, 2015

We don't walk alone

Advocating is not complicated...The hard part is doing it alone... It's much easier to face fire hoses when there are like 5,000 of you and you are singing gospel hymns as you walk into those hoses. It is much easier when you are walking with people...

It's not about making the case for advocacy. It's about making the case for you as advocates.

- Dr. Ernest Morrell

Today is Literacy Education Advocacy Day. This is just a snippet of Ernest Morrell's NCTE 2014 Presidential Address. I was privileged enough to be present for this speech and I have to say that it was life changing. Today is a good reminder to all my friends and colleagues who are teachers, and even those of you reading whom I don't know, that we don't walk alone and that we can and should have our voices heard. We just need to find the courage to speak up.

Visit NCTE's website to learn about things you can do to help advocate for literacy education. 

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