Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Pulchritudinous Day

Today was a great day.

  • We are reading The Crossover as a class and relishing in its playful language. I may or may not be overusing the word swag to describe it. ;)
  • We listened to Filthy McNasty during sacred writing time.
  • We learned what the word pulchritudinous means. Now let's see it catch on.
  • A student told me, "Mrs. Shaum, your laugh is priceless." I hope that I have created a classroom where joyful laughter occurs frequently. 
  • I scored some great books at my library's used bookstore today. 
  • When I got home, there was some unexpected book mail from HarperCollins on my doorstep.
  • I am perpetually tired when I get home from work but my students never cease to make me smile.

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  1. When I read The Crossover aloud last year, our new favorite word quickly became, "pulchritudinous"!!!! Yay for joyful laughter and good books! :)

  2. The Crossover is one of the best read alouds ever. I read it last year from my phone because all copies everywhere were sold out. My students loved it. Your passion for teaching is shining!

  3. So glad you're finding laughter and joy in your classroom already. I love the quote from your student! Sounds like you're off to a fantastic start!