Sunday, January 10, 2016

Links Worth Talking About 1-10-15

Links Worth Talking About is my weekly post of curated links about education, books, and apropos of nothing.

Today I am the guest poster on Nerdy Book Club: Top Ten Books that Colored My Whitewashed World.

Another post on Nerdy Book Club this week that inspired me: Schools That Read Together: Cultivating Reading Communities at the Secondary Level by Heather Rocco

I am so excited that Gene Luen Yang has been honored as the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. Further proof that #ComicsAreRealReading.

Speaking of comics, Colby Sharp just informed me this week that Cece bell and Tom Angelberger are going to be guests at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (formerly known as Kids Read Comics) this summer! Woo hoo!

And speaking of authors coming to Michigan (I need to find some better segueways :-P), Ruta Sepetys is coming to Ann Arbor in February! My calendar is already marked! 

Are you watching the ALA Youth Media Awards webcast tomorrow? I know I am!   

Are you submitting a proposal for NCTE 2016 in Atlanta? Don't forget proposals are due this Wednesday. In this video Susan Houser and Jason Griffith give some proposal writing tips.

This post by Art Markman is important for teachers to read: 4 Things You Learned in School That Make You Less Creative

If you ever doubted the power of poetry, this poem by Matthew Olzmann about the gun control debate might change your mind: Letter Beginning with Two Lines by Czeslaw Milosz.

Speaking of gun control, this is a really powerful post about the need to sit beside our neighbors and get to know them rather than seeing everyone as suspicious and cause for carrying a gun.

As someone who only recently gave my anxiety a name, I am intrigued by this article:
The Secret to Making Anxiety Work in Your Favor

More reason not to lose hope in all humanity:
These 23 pictures prove that 2015 was not as sad as it seemed

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