Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrate Teaching and Learning with PLN Colleagues: #MCTE14

Yesterday I presented at the Michigan Council of Teachers of English conference with two colleagues and friends whom I greatly respect, Kevin English and Kirsten LeBlanc. We discussed the topic of student writing an the need for teachers to view it in positive terms rather than the typical deficit model thinking you so often hear in exasperated voices in teachers lounges across the country.

Not only was the presentation a wonderful experience, but I was able to hang out and learn from some well-respected teachers throughout the state of Michigan and throughout the country. And as per usual, whenever Penny Kittle speaks, tears tend to flow and her morning keynote was no different. If Penny Kittle is speaking at a conference, you MUST listen. She is so inspiring.

Here is the slideshare of our presentation:
Students CAN Write: Changing the Narrative of a Deficit Model

And here is a Storify of the tweets I wanted to save from the conference:
#MCTE14 Storify


Celebrate This Week was established by Ruth Ayers


  1. Thank you for sharing your presentation! I love it! (I only wish that I could have been there to see you all present!)
    I'm so glad you had a great time at the conference!

  2. I saw these pics on Facebook and love the one with Penny Kittle. You're right - whenever she speaks, it is best to LISTEN! There is just something so profound and inspiring with every message she has. Thanks for sharing the Slideshare.