Monday, August 4, 2014

Enough with the lip service

So Campbell Brown continues to make the rounds on TV show after TV show in her crusade to end teacher tenure. Today she appeared on Morning Joe with David Boies, the lawyer who will be representing the parents in the case in New York that disputes teacher tenure. 

Here's the thing: I understand the desire for people to have the debate over tenure and whether or not it's effective. By all means, let's debate it. But when you continue to have a discussion that is one-sided and continually leave teachers out of the conversation, talking ABOUT them rather than with them, then don't give me lip service like, "This is not anti-teacher." Actions speak much louder than words.

Since teachers aren't invited to the debate, I encourage you to share your concerns via social media. Tweet directly at Ms. Brown and Mr. Boies. Tweet to shows like Morning Joe and The Colbert Report. People need to hear our voices. They've been stifled for far too long.

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