Saturday, August 30, 2014

Celebrate the Unexpected

Wednesday night I was reading through student interest surveys and entering their responses into Evernote. Every year this assignment helps me get to know my students better, but in general, they're not very exciting to read. It's just listing information like their favorite music, books, subjects in school, etc.

On one student's survey however, I came to the question where I ask "What motivates you to do well in school?" Most students respond to this question with the usual "good grades" or "I want to get into a good college" but on this particular student's survey, suddenly I was laughing hysterically. He definitely got my attention.
Funny student survey

These are the moments I love as a teacher - when students surprise and delight me and remind me that we are all different and unique - something you will never see or be able to evaluate on a standardized test.

Celebrate This Week was established by Ruth Ayers


  1. The little things are the biggest things - that's the magic.

  2. This sure tells you something about this student. He should provide for an interesting year ;)

  3. How funny! I hope he continues to have this sense of humor!