Sunday, February 21, 2016

Links Worth Talking About 2-21-16

Links Worth Talking About is my weekly post of curated links about education, books, and apropos of nothing.

I'm looking forward to tonight's #nctechat on Twitter about the African American Read-In. I hope you'll join us at 8 PM ET.

On the Huffington post, Ali Owens discusses 4 problematic statements white people make about race -- and what to say instead. 

This week, thanks to the Grammy Awards, I finally got hip to why everyone is so obsessed with the musical Hamilton. You can now add me to the growing list of people who desperately want to get tickets to see the show. I am also obsessively searching YouTube for interviews with Hamilton's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda because I just find him so fascinating. He's a musical genius yet so down to earth and amiable. Kanye could take a lesson or two from him.

On the Cult of Pedagogy blog, Jennifer Gonzalez has 5 questions to ask yourself about your unmotivated students.

As the research points to the importance of having school libraries with certified librarians, an advocacy group in Harlem is demanding school librarians. Yes!

Pernille Ripp reminds us of the importance of getting students' permission before we just assume they would want to share their work publicly.

I love the message of this commercial of Be together. Not the same. A message our elected officials certainly can't seem to get right these days.

As the circus that has become the 2016 presidential race sends me into fits of despair, one hashtag has helped to cheer me up this weekend: #obamaandkids. I really am going to miss him as our president. Whether you agree with his politics or not, you can't deny that he has led our country with respect, kindness, and dignity. He embodies what public service should be and what it so often is not.

And Apropos of nothing...

Speaking of the 2016 presidential circus,  I'm voting for Canada.

I love these relationship comics about finding beauty in mundane moments.

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