Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Write Beside Them

At the beginning of the year I told students that one thing I could promise them this year was that I would write with them.

Today I had a student say to me, "Mrs. Shaum, remember when you said at the beginning of the year to call you out if you weren't writing with us? Did you do the article of the week that you assigned us today?"

Oh, you mean this article of the week?
I have been a scattered mess of a teacher this year. I'm ill-prepared, unorganized, and impulsive. But I have remained consistent with one thing and that is that I write with my students. And I am better for it.

I recently read a wonderful blog post by Pernille Ripp called "Before You Assign That Homework - What Students Wish You Knew" and everything in that post is what I practice as a teacher - particularly doing the assignments I dish out to my students. Do you know how you show your students that the work you assign them is valuable? You do it with them.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Writing beside my students is one of the greatest treasures that I refuse to give up. It's so important for them to see you as a writer as well as a teacher. Good for you!


  2. You are in good company being a "scattered mess of a teacher this year." :) We try to say that our bad day is probably someone else's good day. That' how we cut ourselves some slack. You picked a great goal to hold tight to though...writing beside your students. Congrats on that!

  3. A wonderful reminder, Beth - and timely, too.

  4. I saw this on Facebook and loved it. Good for you! Students love to see us working, reading, writing beside them (a Penny Kittle nod ;-)).

  5. "Do you know how you show your students that the work you assign them is valuable? You do it with them." Amen, sista!!

    I love your honesty in admitting your flaws as a teacher this year. And I love that you stayed true to your original promise. Good for you.

  6. Yup! We can't be role models if we aren't modeling.

    Hang in there with the craziness and know that the 'one thing' you feel like you are doing right (I am SURE there are many more) is a very important one that is often skipped.