Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's a marathon, not a sprint

Last Friday was a really rough day at school. The kids were out of sorts and nothing seemed to be going according to plan. I felt like writing a big fat F for Failure on more forehead. The end of last week left me questioning my ability to do this job well. I think all teachers have days and weeks like that.

Today, however, one of my students who has admitted to me that he pretty much despises reading, looked at our bulletin board where we put our favorite book quotes, noticed a quote from Christopher Healy's The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, and said to me, "Do you have this book in your library?" When I showed him the book, he immediately checked it out. What I loved about this encounter is despite this student's frequent admission to disliking books, he has not closed his mind to them completely. I see him entertaining the thought that he could love them again and I just pray that I don't mess this up for him.

Suddenly my memories of last week's ineptitude seem just a little bit more distant. I am reminded again why I'm here. Helping a student rediscover a love of reading. There's no better feeling.
Hero's Guide
A quote from a Christopher Healy book on our bulletin board intrigues a reluctant reader

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  1. There you go! One never knows what ill catch the imagination of our young readers, having quotes and reviews and doing book talks just sends the message that we are alert to their needs...and e care. Great slice!

  2. Hip, hip hooray! Your student may have just found the key to his future reading life. What a great board to have!

  3. It's not the test scores, but these small moments, unseen by others, when we know we've done our jobs.


  4. So glad he found you and you let his open mind turn yours right around. I love how that can happen with students. Cheers for his immediate book check out too! Way to support the readers in your room, Beth!

  5. I love the pictures. And the quotes. Makes me want to read the books too.